Endoscopy Procedure Preparation

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Endoscopy (Esophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy or EGD) is a procedure to examine esophagus and stomach with a flexible instrument. Please follow these instructions to prepare for the procedure.

How do I prepare for the endoscopy?

7 days before the colonoscopy


5 days before the endoscopy

DO NOT take COUMADIN. Please inform us if you have an artificial heart valve or history of endocarditis

3 days before the endoscopy

DO NOT take MOTRIN, ADVIL, IBUPROFEN, ALEVE, or NAPROXEN, or CELEBREX. Diabetic patients‚ insulin or oral medications to be adjusted as per instructions.

The day BEFORE the examination

Do not eat or drink after MIDNIGHT (Except your medications with sips of water).

The day of examination

Take your medications especially blood pressure and heart medicines (except as above) with sips of water.

You MUST have somebody drive you home because you will be sedated or your procedure will be cancelled. You cannot go home in a Cab. Do not drive or operate any machines the day of the procedure.

What happens during the procedure?
  • A nurse or doctor will give you medicine to relax you and make you sleepy.
  • Your doctor will put air into the stomach and this may feel like gas pain.
  • Your Doctor may take a biopsy. This does not cause pain. You may experience sore throat after the procedure.

What happens after the procedure?

You will be taken to a recovery room where you will remain until you are awake. If you need to cancel, please call our office at least 3 days before the procedure. Charge for cancellation of a scheduled procedure if not cancelled 3 days prior to procedure is at least $200. We understand that emergency situations are out of your control. Please contact us if you have any questions about the procedure or the preparation.